Bangkok Spoon Menu


A1. Thai Satay - $12 Four skewers of marinated chicken and beef served with house peanut sauce.
A2. Spring Roll - $7 Deep Fried Thai pastry wrap with vegetables, taro, mushroom, bamboo shoot and glass noodle.
A3. Shrimp Spring Rolls - $8 Tiger shrimp, vegetables, taro, mushroom,bamboo shoot and glass noodle in Thai pastry.
A4. Thai Fresh Rolls - $9 Fresh soft rice noodle wrapped with vermicelli, lettuce, eggs, mint, shiitaki mushroom and carrot.
A5. Goong Haw - $12 Marinated shrimp wrapped in Thai pastry served with sweet & sour sauce.
A6. Calamari - $12 Deep-fried calamari coated with Thai spices served with house salad.
A7. Sticky Rice with Peanut Sauce - $5 Steamed sticky rice with coconut milk served with Thai peanut sauce dipping.
A8. Tod Mon Goong (Shrimp Cake) - $13 Shrimp with long bean, fresh lime leaves and Thai spices served with Thai cucumber salad.
A9. Tofu Tod - $8 Deep-fried tofu and taro served with Thai cucumber salad.
A10. Thai Coconut Shrimp - $13 Deep-fried marinated shrimp coated with coconut meat and Thai spices.
A11. Shrimpy Cocktail - $10 Deep fried Torpedo shrimp on lettuce with spicy creamy wasabi sauce.
A12. Crab Rangoon - $11 Deep-fried pastry filled with crabstick, cream cheese mixed with green onion, served with Thai sweet & sour sauce.
A13. Special Appetizer - $17 Bangkok spoon combination of Crab Rangoon, 2 Chicken Satay, 2 Goong Haw and 3 Fresh Rolls.
A14. Shrimp Chip With Peanut Sauce - $4 Deep fried Thai shrimp chip with delicious peanut sauce.
A15. Crispy Vegetarian Curry Puff - $10 Flaky pastry stuffed with potatoes, onion and blended with Thai herbss & curry powder.