Bangkok Spoon Menu


S1. Tom Yum Goong - $6 House famous lemongrass shrimp soup with mushroom and chilli.
S2. Tom Yum Kai - $5 Sliced chicken breast with lemongrass, lemon juice, tomato, mushroom and chilli.
S3. Po Tak Soup - $7 Tiger shrimp, calamari, scallops and salmon in lemon juice, mushroom and chilli.
S4. Tom Kha Kai - $6 Coconut based soup with chicken breast, lemongrass and lemon juice.
S5. Hot and Sour Soup - $5 House famous Thai thick soup with bamboo shoot, mushroom, egg and tofu.
S6. Wonton Soup - $6 Clear soup with baby bok choy, chicken and shrimp wrapped in wonton shell.
S7. Vegetarian Clear Soup with Tofu - $5 Glass noodle, tofu and vegetables in clear soup.
S8. Thai creamy Butternut Squash Soup - $6 Creamy vegetarian soup with blended of sweet and spicy with a hint of basil and rich flavor of Butternut Squash.